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Sukrin Granulated Sweetener 500g bag

Sukrin Granulated Sweetener 500g bag

Ref: ALB112

In stock

Sukrin Granulated, 500g bag, natural sweetener with zero calories. Erythritol. Zero "net carbs" (effective carbs), fat free, salt free, sugar free. Zero glycemic index. Tooth friendly. Can be used for sweetening, cooking and baking, and to make jams and desserts. Suitable for diabetics and dieters, including all phases of Atkins.

INGREDIENTS: Sweetener: erythritol (natural sweetener from plant sources).

Excessive comsumption may cause laxative effects, but less so than other polyol sweeteners.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g (bag is 500g): zero calories, Protein zero, Carbohydrates 100g of which sugars zero, polyols 100g (giving effective carbs of zero), Fat zero of which saturated fat zero, Salt zero.

Price: 6.95

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